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The Kids Have More Clothes Than Me

Buying clothes is fun when it’s for the kids. For some reason, the grandma and me have been buying tons of clothes for the girls and I have yet to buy mine for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

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I might be wearing clean clothes in the end. Not that I can stand wearing dirty clothes for 2 days. One really has to be clean. It’s the Chinese New Year and visiting tons of relatives are in place!

So, I bought more clothes for the younger one since the elder one had hers bought by grandma. She is currently in love with Gudetama and bought a set of pyjamas from Uniqlo.

I had bought 2 leggings for the younger one since she crawls a lot and we sleep in the air-conditioned room. Leggings should keep her warm. I’m not that into matching sleepwear. For some reason, the elder one loves matching sleepwear and I have not made it a point to let her wear them. I just dig the sleepwear from the basket. There simply is no time to fold the clothes these days when the younger one is busy crawling into all sorts of places.

I’m just waiting for her to learn to walk more steps without holding on to anything right now. Any day now. Now, the shoes are another matter.

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